Chairman of PERSADA UB in National Seminar on Pedophilia Crime Policy

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Chairman of PERSADA UB, Dr. Nurini Aprilianda, SH.,MHum. and member of Commission VIII DPR RI, Desy Ratnasari, M.Psi., was present as a speaker in the National Seminar on Combating Pedophilia Crime, Child Protection Efforts on Children at State Islamic University (UIN) Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Malang.

This National Seminar was organized by the Center for Pusat Studi Gender dan Anak (PSGA) UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, attended by participants from various fields, including women’s organizations representatives in Malang Raya, PAUD and RA teacher ties, lecturers, to students. In this seminar, the speakers mentioned about the actions that can be taken to prevent and overcome the crime of pedophilia, where the effort must involve various parties not only government and law enforcement apparatus, but also society and parents and also environment closest to the children.

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