PERSADA UB Team Up With MaPPI-FHUI To Disseminates Research Results About Disparity Court’s Decision On Corruption

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Disparities in criminal corruption have always been a hot topic in various forums, both academic and popular. This phenomenon is considered to be counter-productive with efforts to eradicate corruption acts committed by the government. On the other hand, this issue also raises the narrative of injustice since similar cases are tried with different criminal ranges. MaPPI FHUI has conducted data mapping of corruption court decision of corruption from 33 provinces, where 587 decisions obtained as sample from year 2011-2015.

Of all the decisions -after going through the indexing process- 10 decisions are selected which then annotation of the decision. The results of these studies are then presented in various national seminars in several regions in Indonesia. MaPPI team up with PERSADA UB and then conducts a national seminar on the theme of Dispute Penalties on Corruption, in addition to aims to disseminate information related to the data already obtained, as well as to get additional analysis of the resource persons presented in the activity. The presenters represent three important elements in the enforcement of corruption crime, they are Head of Malang State Attorney Joko Irianto, SH., MH., Head of Malang District Court Nursyam, SH., MH., fnd academician represented by Dr. Lucky Endrawati, SH., MH., from PERSADA UB.

This activity gave some formulation related to disparity of court decision related to corruption crime, which are:

  1. Material criminal law provides an opportunity for disparities with special maximums and special minimums to follow in the act of corruption.
  2. Disparity is possible because every law enforcement has a punishment guideline in the proving of corruption criminal acts so that it opens the opportunity for the occurrence of the division
  3. Disparity can be used as a guidance on punishment if there is a verification of the elements of corruption crime completely. The stories related to this activity have also been included in: