PERSADA UB Intends to Fix Goods of Evidence Management in the Prosecutor’s Office


Legal reform policy package released by President Jokowi recently actually only a government’s effort in realizing more accountable and transparent criminal justice system. This is in line with the issuance of Inpres 10 Tahun 2016 tentang aksi-aksi Pencegahan dan Pemberantasan Korupsi. In the President’s instruction, the Prosecutor’s office as a criminal case controller had a task to create online and periodical database that could be accessed easily by law enforcement officers.

In her address, Dr. Lucky Endrawati, SH., MH mentioned that FGD was conducted in order to have policy review in related with goods of evidence management system. This is in line with PERSADA UB main purpose to response legal policy package reported by President Joko Widodo administration.
In his presentation, Didik Farhan, Head of Prosecutor Office in City of Surabaya presented innovations had been conducted by his institution in goods of evidence management. In traffic light criminal assault, his entities have released an application so-called Si Anti-Ribet which could be used by communities affected in traffic violations. Didik who was also alumni of Faculty of Law of University of Brawijaya mentioned that his entities have implemented barcode system in goods of evidence identification process which enter and handled by The Prosecutor Office.

Furthermore, Andri Gunawan emphasized the importance of principals’ commitment and exemplary in supporting policy reforms of administrative case handling.

Yusi Tyroni Mursityo, a lecturer at Faculty of Computer Sciences of University of Brawijaya saw opportunities in science and technology development which could be implemented in this regard. “Information technology could quickly facilitate and integrate administrative system in working, including goods of evidence handling,” said Yusi.

Fachrizal in his conclusion mentioned that the Prosecutor’s Dominus Litis strengthening could be implemented if there is willingness in setting the roles of public prosecutor which leads to material legacy finding through searching process on tools of evidence and goods of evidence should be done by having adaptation and innovation according to the times. Information technology utilization as mandated by Inpres 10 Tahun 2016 should be taken into opportunities by prosecutor’s office to have improvement thoroughly in administrative and management process which has been running less than maximal.