Pedophil Reintegration: A Multidisciplinary Bid

Ketua Persada dalam Bonsai dengan Pakar UB

This March 2017, precisely 24th of March 2017, the Public Relations of Universitas Brawijaya hold Bincang dan Obrolan Santai (Bonsai) with UB Experts. This event is a forum for discussion with various themes that are being public talks, this activity is held every month by involving Expert and also the community directly.

Theme that raised this time related to the disclosure of the pedophile network through Facebook that makes people feels dejected and then look for various ways to prevent similar things from happening again. One that has been done by Universitas Brawijaya was inviting two experts in the field of law and in the field of Psychology, they are Dr. Nurini Aprilianda, SH., MHum., Chairman of Center for Research of Criminal Justice System Research (PERSADA) and Psychologist Ari Pratiwi, S.Psi., M.Psi, considering pedophile case not only can be solved legally but also need an understanding on what is pedophilia from psychology view, especially for parents who have teenage children.

In her presentation, Nurini Aprilianda explained the existing law in Indonesia do not have rules related to pedophilia, but it does in morality with various qualifications such as lewd acts, rape, and adultery. However, when there is a crime related to pedophilia, the perpetrators may be subject to sanctions contained in Law no. 35 of 2014 on Amendment to Law no. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection.

Psychologist Ari Pratiwi then provided an understanding related to pedophilia as one form of sexual deviance in somebody who is more sexually interested in little children. One that can be the cause of pedophilia is the influence of the environment, so parents need to put their child in a good environment and always in the supervision of the parents.

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